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Photo: Instagram/@sophiabush

Between filming the show Chicago P.D. and speaking out about birth control (you go girl), Sophia Bush finds it challenging to take some precious me-time—as is the case with every millennial.

In a recent interview with People Style, the actress admits that she’s constantly on the go. When asked what she does to unwind, she scoffs: “To unwind? If only I had more time!” Same.

“If I’m in a cab on the way to the airport [I’ll] put my headphones in and do a guided meditation app.”

Though she claims to always have something on her calendar, she tries to take moments to herself. A clear, calm mind is key for being a #girlboss, after all.

“If I’m in a cab on the way to the airport [I’ll] put my headphones in and do a guided meditation app,” says Bush. “Or if I know I’ve got a little free time to FaceTime a friend—anything that sort of makes me feel like I’m having a little bit of me-time.”

Wise moves, considering meditation has been shown to decrease stress and being around friends scientifically makes you happier. Talk about a healthy way to spend a few free minutes.

To further the chill, these are meditation hacks from wellness-savvy gurus. And here’s how to create a meditation space in your home.