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Here are all the ways Starbucks wants to shower you with caffeinated gifts this season

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Photo: Starbucks

To go along with Starbucks’ “Give Good” motto, the coffee chain decided to more or less play Santa and peddle a whole lot more than piping hot cups of joe (with almond milk!) to loyal customers this season.

The company’s “Give Good” squads at holiday events in your area will hand out $1 million worth of $20 Starbucks gift cards.

And according to Money, it’s not so tough to get in on the free fun. The easiest way to reap some lasting benefits? Just buy a turmeric latte or…really, whatever you want using your Starbucks Card or mobile app this month to get automatic Gold status for all of 2018. Considering that benchmark usually requires you to first reach 300 stars ($1 spent at the store equals 2 stars) before you can indulge in perks like special deals and free drinks, it’s kind of a steal.

Also, keep your eyes open for Starbucks “Give Good” squads at holiday events in your area: They’re handing out $1 million worth of $20 store gift cards. You can track where these generous groups are congregating be via the Give Good website, as well as by following along with the #GiveGood hashtag.

There’s one more chance to win big: The Starbucks for Life sweepstakes has officially begun and is giving coffeeheads the chance to win free Starbucks for time periods span a week to a lifetime. (Yeah, that’s a whole lot of caffeine.) To enter, just buy something—like an immune-boosting smoothie from the secret menu—using a registered Starbucks Card in person or on the app.

Hey, you might end up with grande-size savings from your untapped coffee budget, which you can parlay to your holiday gift haul. Win-win.

Starbucks is releasing ready-to-drink almond milk Frapps next year. Also, here’s how to hack your order to make it healthier.