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Everyone has their own fave way to make avocado toast. Whether you’re more of a poached-egg-on-top or lemon-and-Himalayan sea salt kind of gal, there are countless ways to customize the world’s number one breakfast (or lunch or brunch) food.

As for Drew Barrymore? She’s a fan of the green fare, and her personal twist on it isn’t too out-there—but she does get creative with it.

As the actress (and clean beauty aficionado) reveals on her Instagram, she swears by a certain ingredient that you don’t typically see on avo toast—but once you hear what it is, you’ll probably smack your forehead wondering why you haven’t tried this before (unless you have, in which case—bravo!).

Her go-to topping is a classic, savory heirloom tomato.

drew barrymore avocado toast
Photo: [email protected]

“Snack!!! Heirloom tomato toast and avocado,” she writes in her caption. A quick glance over her delicious creation reveals that raw onions, crushed red pepper (of course), freshly squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper give the dish some extra oomph.

While tomatoes are a nightshade vegetable and abundant in lectins (which many believe are a no-no, inflammation-wise), some studies say her star ingredient is actually anti-inflammatory. (A taste test may be in order to see whether it’s a go for your gut.)

So not only is Barrymore getting in her healthy fats in the most delicious way possible, but she may be combatting the condition behind acne, digestive issues, and all sorts of problems that stem from the “I” word. Talk about giving her snack the star treatment. And hey, avocados and tomatoes coexist pretty beautifully in that nectar of the gods called guacamole—so why not here?

Get ready: Your next avocado fix might just be in your Oreos. And before you whip up some guac for your next party, here’s everything you could possibly need to know about the creamy green fruit