The easy fall sweet potato recipe you haven’t thought of

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Photo: Occasionally Eggs

When you think about it, sweet potatoes are kind of the OG avocado. After shaking its rep as a savory side-dish staple, the root vegetable has made its way into everything from protein pancakes to pad Thai and chocolate pudding. And, like beetroot and squash, its peak season is actually in the fall.

With that in mind, there are more ways to cook a sweet potato than you can probably count, but one of the most simple and delicious is a twist on an old classic: the baked potato.

Food blogger Occasionally Eggs shared a recipe for her Cozy Stuffed Sweet Potatoes—the name alone conjures feelings of warmth and hygge. I mean, just imagine whipping this up clad in comfy loungewear, like a chic robe.

This riff on the basic dish replaces your regular potato with a sweet, metabolism-boosting, fiber-packed one, and your sour cream and cheese with baba ganoush, hummus, and tabouleh.

Consider this recipe another reason to love the season of staying in.

Fore more sweet potato goodness, try these surprising ways to cook with the root veggie, or combine with an avocado for the best brownies ever

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