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As much as you want to cook more at home, the kitchen often loses its appeal when up against the yoga mat/Netflix lounge spot/literally anywhere else after a long day in the office.

That’s why we teamed up with FoodKick Powered by FreshDirect for a special edition of Well Done, our video series that’s all about easy-healthy-gorgeous recipes that don’t take hours to make.

The star recipe? A flavor-packed Brussels sprouts slaw you can whip up for a healthy lunch or Instagrammable side dish, courtesy of genius food blogger Rachel Mansfield. Psst: All of the ingredients come from FoodKick, the on-demand grocery service that delivers produce, proteins, chilled wine and spirits, and more in as little as an hour (timesaving hack alert!).

Catch the recipe and tips-packed video now, and start planning on what to do with all that time you’re about to save (seriously, it’s a lot).