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Haagen Dazs vegan ice-cream Pin It
Photo: Haagen Dazs

Living a dairy-free life isn’t easy. Cheese is already off the table—literally. And the siren song of Mr. Softie is more like torture than a sweet tune. But sticking to a DF diet (or an anti-inflammatory meal plan) doesn’t mean passing up on the summertime favorite completely.

Last year, Ben & Jerry’s started selling dairy-free versions of their cult favorite flavors, like Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia (and launched a line of vegan treats). And today, ice-cream giant Haagen-Dazs announced they are releasing four non-dairy flavors of their own. This is not a drill.

Interestingly, Haagen Dazs isn’t subbing out dairy milk for a nut version, like the other plant-based pints on the market.

You can find these dairy-free flavors exclusively at Target: chocolate salted fudge truffle, peanut butter chocolate fudge, mocha chocolate cookie, and coconut caramel.

Interestingly, Haagen Dazs isn’t subbing out dairy milk for a nut version, like the other plant-based pints on the market. Instead, the nice cream is a blend of other core ingredients (such as Belgian chocolate, peanut-butter, and coconut cream) plus water and, unfortunately, a slew of processed fillers. And yes, this means that the sugar content is up there.

According to the brand, the idea came directly from consumers, who filed a petition specifically asking for a dairy-free flavor. The new flavors directly show the power of consumers, which is pretty awesome. Maybe the next request could be a cleaned-up ingredients list?

If you want total control of the ingredients in your DF ice-cream, here’s how to make your own. Plus, Well+Good editors tried all the non-dairy options on the market right now, and these are the best tasting, healthiest options.