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When you’re a kid, dyeing Easter eggs is all about making sure you have a rainbow of colors—and winning the hide-and-seek hunt. But when you’re inviting your squad over to dye ’em, or planning for your own fam, you are probably a little more concerned about the actual food coloring being used, especially if you plan on using those eggs to make a frittata or egg salad sandwiches the next day.

A safer solution is as close as your tea drawer, though. Think of the color you can add to your Easter basket with bright green matcha, golden turmeric, pretty pink raspberry rooibas, and other vibrant tea flavors. Organic tea brand Numi came up with the brilliant idea, using 100 percent natural brews in place of toxic dyes, while making the already stellar protein source even healthier to eat.

Here, organic tea brand Numi shares its pro technique for making the prettiest emerald eggs using matcha and the perfect golden eggs, with turmeric—to make the already stellar protein source even healthier to eat. Hop to it! Easter is just around the corner.

Keep reading to see how to put your tea to good use, in a new way, this Easter.

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Turmeric and Matcha Dyed Easter Eggs

Eggs (hard-boiled)
6 cups or glasses
1 teabag Numi Turmeric Golden Tonic
1 tsp Numi Citrus Matcha

1. Bring a pot of water to a boil and boil the eggs for 10 minutes. This works best if the eggs are room temperature and a few days old.

2. Add one teabag to each pot and let steep for 30 minutes.

3. Remove the teabags and add one to two teaspoons vinegar to each one.

4. Add one boiled egg to each cup.

5. Leave the eggs overnight.

6. Carefully remove and wipe with a towel.

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