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Alert: You can now get turmeric lattes at Pret A Manger

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Photo: Pret A Manger

Don’t tell PSL, but there’s a new drink in town and she’s making a lot of friends. Turmeric lattes first showed up on menus at Starbucks and Le Pain Quotidien, and now they’re part of Pret A Manger’s fall lineup.

The grab-and-go chain recently unveiled its new seasonal menu, which features apple cider and a “Spiced Pumpkin Latte” made with real pumpkin puree (it wouldn’t be fall without it). But edging into the essential autumn drink category is the turmeric latte, which at Pret is made with almond milk (!).

Here’s Pret’s description of the golden drink: “A warm and earthy balance of organic almond milk, turmeric, and spices. Available hot or iced, this sweet, spicy, and a little salty latte will have you feeling all the feels this fall.”

Picture it: You, holding a turmeric latte, wearing a cozy knit sweater and over-the-knee boots, looking up at the changing leaves and breathing in the crisp autumn air. It’s fall and you shouldn’t have to drink anything that’s not 100-percent seasonally appropriate.

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