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Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good

Sorry, pumpkin spice latte loyalists—there’s a new fall drink in town. The world might be counting down the seconds until PSL season begins, but that’s just because they haven’t gotten their hands on Starbucks’ newest (and inflammation-busting!) fall beverage just yet.

Right now the chain’s turmeric latte is only available in London, but if American foodies have any clout with the coffeehouse behemoth, the new cup of joe will make its way across the pond ASAP. Per a Starbucks press release, the drink is made by steaming regular, almond, or coconut milk with turmeric powder and spices, then pouring it into an Instagrammable design over espresso.

Not only does the superfood help with inflammation, but it also protects against cancer, clears up acne, and fights stress.

While no one can deny PSLs taste delicious, turmeric lattes have a leg up when it comes to the health benefits: Not only does the superfood help with inflammation, but it also protects against cancer, clears up acne, and fights stress. Talk about the full package…in the form of a warm, frothy beverage, no less.

There’s no word on if (or—fingers crossed—when!) Starbucks is planning on expanding the release of its turmeric latte just yet, but get ready to be first in line for the big event.

Love cooking with turmeric? You probably haven’t tried these methods yet. And if you need your fix ASAP, head to Trader Joe’s for their new turmeric chocolate.