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There are days when a meal-prepped salad just won’t cut it—especially near the end of the week when you’re running low on protein and that avocado you bought on Sunday is starting to go bad. If your first thought on those days is “Sweetgreen!”, you’re going to have to dig out a few more coins from the bottom of your purse because prices just went up. Now, none of their New York City salads cost less than $10. (That’s up an average of 56 cents.)

“We believe it will make a meaningful impact on our growers and our team.”

It’s the first price increase in three years for the brand, and the reason behind it might make you feel a little better: The company is giving its 3,000-plus employees a raise and a better benefits package. “We believe it will make a meaningful impact on our growers and our team,” according to a statement on Sweetgreen’s website, adding that the company wants to become a place where employees can grow and have robust careers.

In addition to a bump in pay, employees will now get paid parental leave, as well as some paid time off to volunteer, either working on a community project that is meaningful to them or on a farm—to connect even more to the meals they’re making every day.

And hey, as Eater reports, you can still hack the menu and get a meal for under $10—you just have to forgo the protein. (Sigh.)

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