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Trader Joe's Riced Cauliflower Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Helen Rushbrook

How did cauliflower go from being broccoli’s weird cousin that you see once a year at family reunions to the shining star of the wellness world? There’s now cauliflower pizza crust, cauli-infused smoothies, and of course, that gluten-free game-changer, cauliflower rice—which just might be too popular. At Trader Joe’s, that is. 

The organic-on-a-budget mecca has started capping sales of its cauli rice bags to two per customer at select locations.

Because of the increasingly high demand, the organic-on-a-budget mecca has started capping sales of its cauli rice bags to two per customer at select locations. 

The good news is: This isn’t a national thing. While most stores have a policy of only putting two bags on hold at a time, they won’t limit you going all-out on the bagged cauli goods once you’re in the store. Other stores—in South Orange, NJ, and Fairfield, CT—do have limits in place. A representative at the South Orange location confirmed that customers can only buy two a day, while a spokesperson at the Fairfield location said that although there is a cap, they’re not actively enforcing it.

In other words, there’s no need to panic yet. But it’s another sign that this carb-replacing craze is far from over. So, may the cauli odds be ever in your favor. (And when in doubt, make your own!)

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