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AYR's new T-shirts have a 2,000-person wait list Pin It
Photo: Ayr

Strangely, it’s not hard to find a pair of bedazzled sneakers that you love or an of-the-moment teddy bear coat to swoon over, but the search for the essentials—like a pair of black leggings or high-waisted underwear—can seem endless. Thankfully, certain dependable brands are to the rescue. Take AYR (All Year Round), the suitability-focused label that has made its name in minimalist fashion, partly thanks to its no-BS approach to crafting just-right (and size-inclusive) staples.

And, the brand’s offerings are expanding. An AYR rep told me that on February 26, a new collection will expand the brand’s repertoire into knitwear and will also include two cotton T-shirt styles. And, while a well-made tee might sound like a obvious item to purchase, the styles have already racked up a 2,000-person waitlist and are poised to sell out.

The two covetable tees are The Supercool ($65), which is cap-sleeved, and the Fizz ($55), a sleeveless pocket-tee option—and each comes in white and faded-black hues. The AYR rep noted to me that the brand spent a year searching for the soft material (100 percent Peruvian cotton!) and designing the fit. Hey, sounds like practice made perfect in this case.

If the consumer demand is any indication, AYR’s T-shirts just may work seamlessly as your third piece layering top, so you may want to get on the waitlist ASAP.

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