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Photo: Birkenstock

First, they were only spotted on those who frequented crunchy, hippie health food stores. Then, as a casual fashion staple for cool girls, they were an Insta-hit: rocked with ankle-cut denim and vintage T-shirts or paired them with an athleisure look, en route to yoga class.

Yes, Birkenstocks have evolved over the years (they now come in pink and metallics)—and the brand just revealed its most surprising transformation yet: into a skin care company.

“Alongside healthy walking, standing, running, and resting, skin care has a considerable influence on our well-being.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Birkenstock is planning on taking over your natural beauty aisles this fall. And they’re going to use the power of corks in their products—the same ingredient that comprises their renowned (cozy) shoe sole. (The cork bark extract is designed to provide a lifting effect for your skin.)

“As the inventor of the footbed, we have a particularly close connection to personal well-being,” Oliver Reichert, CEO of the Birkenstock Group, said in a statement. “Alongside healthy walking, standing, running, and resting, skin care has a considerable influence on our well-being.”

Reichert is fully on board with the clean beauty revolution, but he worries that many mainstream brands are still using too many harmful ingredients—which is why he decided to bring a “healthy product concept [to] this segment.”

The brand’s skin-care line will include 28 different personal care items, with prices ranging from $17 to $74. Though they’re not going to be as natural as, say, the most non-toxic brands out there, the shoemaker’s products will be certified with the international BDIH Cosmos Natural standard. So finally, you’ll be able to feel the Birkenstock love from head to toe. (Tie-dye not included.)

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