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Photo: Instagram/@courtneylove

You might think a rockstar grunge queen like Courtney Love has a relatively hands-off beauty routine—since not washing your face feels so punk rock.

In actuality, Love is crazy about skin-care products—and her current fave is a rose-infused moisturizer from holistic maven Shiva Rose, according to a recent interview with The Strategist.

“It’s roses mostly, with other mystery ingredients.”

“Shiva Rose is a healer and wellness specialist with a blog called The Local Rose,” says Love. “She also makes the best moisturizer ever called the Glow Face Balm. It’s roses mostly, with other mystery ingredients.”

Mystery solved: The other ingredients include the ubiquitous skin booster coconut oil, creamy shea butter, and lovely smelling essential oils like frankincense and ylang-ylang—which all make for an enticing soufflé for your face.

“It just makes my face feel fantastic and so soft,” raves Love. “I take it with me everywhere. It’s a staple of my kit.” Full of nourishing rosehip and rockstar-approved? Yes, please.

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