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knit wearable blanket Pin It
Photo: Photo Dukyana

If you’ve ever thought it would be nice to be covered in warm fabric from head to toe, à la a hotdog casing, or a burrito (a healthy sushi version, perhaps!), or a cozy unitard (sans leg or armholes), the most hygge scarf ever, which essentially functions as a wearable sleeping bag, is at your service.

Knitted-goods site Dukyana‘s chunky mohair tube scarf, spotted by Bustle, sells for $280, and though it looks like it would require an entire village to knit it, the garment is ready for your wearing within 10 to 14 days after purchase. Whether you decide to rock the armless Snuggie in public (and no-doubt garner some looks for your lewk) or just use it in the comfort of your own home, it might be dream come true for constantly cold folks.

Just think about it: You’ll no longer have to deal with your blanket slipping off mid-binge-watch (but you will have trouble when it comes time to let Netflix know via remote that you are, indeed, still watching). And blanket scarves that fail at fight off super-chilly winds? A problem of the past. Plus, the fabric looks flexible enough to allow a few sets of calf-raises or even crunches.

Just one idea: Snip a small hole on either side of your body for your thumbs, to, you know, text your BFF about how game-changing your new wearable blanket is.

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