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Photo: Reebok

Gigi Hadid might kick butt in the boxing ring and have genius tricks for working in squats throughout the day, but the area where the supermodel really slays? Her uber-chic street style. And if you’re looking for a new pair of kicks to carry you through to spring, she has you covered.

As part of her ongoing campaign with Reebok, Hadid is now the brand’s front-woman for all things sneakers. Launched in parallel with superstar Kendrick Lamar—who’s fronting the men’s sneakers—the 21-year-old’s new role is as the face of the Reebok Club C revamp.

A style that was first introduced in 1985—everything old is new again, after all—the classic tennis shoe has gotten a 2017 makeover in four different styles: three with a glittering heel tab on a black, white, or beige base and one in an all-diamond style, all for $80.

“Gigi is the perfect embodiment of what the Club C stands for—a style whose DNA exudes confidence and potential, worn by those who respect and admire the pioneers who came before them, but whose turn it is to now hold court,” the brand explained in a press release.

And they got that right—Hadid has always been vocal about her gratefulness for those who have paved the way for her (especially as she catapulted to the top of the runway hierarchy), making kindness a priority throughout her career.

That’s reason enough to respect the young supermodel, but if she throws in cute sneakers? That’s a win-win.

Scroll down to check out Reebok’s new Club C Diamond Pack—available tomorrow online and in select stores.

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Photo: Reebok
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Photo: Reebok

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