9 creative Instagrams to inspire your own cool kitchen herb garden

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Yes, a well-placed and on-trend plant can certainly boost your Instagram presence, but greenery also contributes to your general wellness: Plants improve air quality and bring mood-boosting properties to your home (and your office), after all.

So why not take things a step further and grows herbs in your kitchen? This way, you’ll be able to easily add a sprig of this and a sprinkling of that to the healthy dish you’re whipping up. Your herb supply is multi-purpose, too. Add bits to cocktails, and, if you can grow superherbs, stock your medicine cabinet with them as well!

Thanks to the ingenuity and genius design hacks of internet users, this addition to your kitchen won’t necessarily remind you of your grandmother’s house (just me?). Today’s kitchen herb gardens are Instagram-ready: Here are the prettiest and greenest I found.

Get some Instagram herb garden inspiration below.

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