J.Crew just launched its first intimates collection—and the undies are super affordable

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Though my towels have to basically disintegrate before I consider buying new ones, underwear is a textile form that I buy probably too frequently. While I’m totally happy to allow my commitment to supreme and constant comfort drive my life, staying stocked up on my favorite intimate items can get prohibitively pricey. But things are looking up for my wallet, underwear drawer(s), and leisuree lifestyle because J.Crew launched its first line of intimates today, and the duds are really affordable.

The J.Crew Intimates collection—which you can now shop in stores and online—features several bra, bralette, and underwear styles available in fabrics including a trusty cotton and a more risqué mesh. Prices start at $13 and cap out at $36—that’s, like, one barre class!—and sizes range from XS to XL and 32A to 32D. So, there’s definitely room to be more size-inclusive, but, hey, if the bra fits…

See the new affordable duds from J.Crew Intimates below.

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