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Nearly free goodies on Black Friday? That’s right, thrifty shoppers. As you’re setting your plan of attack in place for November 24, be sure to include Old Navy: The retailer is hawking some cozy, hygge-approved, animal-loving socks for only $1.

As part of the Cozy Sock One Dolla Holla sale (yes, that’s really what it’s called), you can snag comfy socks (normally $5) for a tiny fraction of the cost, to keep your toes toasty all season long, whether you’re doing a puzzle in front of a fireplace or you’re on the go after a hot yoga class. There’s a handful of styles to pick from—but, like, just try land on anything but the animal-themed ones that turn your feet into a brand new pet. And at this price, you might consider getting them all.

Aside from obvious #win of upgrading your sock drawer, there’s a philanthropic bonus to boot: All proceeds from the sale benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. So, don’t feel guilty about bingeing on this warming can’t-miss deal.

Here are the $1 cozy animal socks to add to your cart on Black Friday.

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1. Fox


2. Unicorn


3. Bear


4. Owl


5. Penguin


6. Panda


7. Bunny


8. Frenchie Dog


9. Kittycat


10. Raccoon

Want to get your hygge on with other cheap finds too? You’ll love these options. And while you’re at it, take a look at this definitive guide to this year’s Black Friday deals.