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Thinx period proof workout shorts Pin It
Photo: Thinx

It’s been two years since Kiran Gandhi became a free-bleeding viral sensation while running the London Marathon. And Gandhi, who didn’t want a tampon or bulky pad to slow her down, just might have inspired a fitness fashion revolution.

Now Thinx—the brand that introduced period-ready undies—wants to come along for your workout, too, whether it’s a a restorative yoga class, a CrossFit session, or, well, the London Marathon. The company says its new period-proof workout shorts offer built-in protection to absorb two tampons’ worth of blood.

And in a sign that the menstrual realness trend isn’t going anywhere: There’s already a 2,400-person waitlist.

Thinx period proof workout shorts
Photo: Thinx

Made with Thinx’s patented undies built in, the $65 shorts (available in seven sizes, from XS to 3XL) are made with a light, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. They also include a zipper pocket—extra-handy, since carrying that just-in-case tampon might not be necessary.

So, what’s the verdict? Would you trust these shorts to get you through class sans tampon or pad? And more importantly: When will someone invent workout wear to deal with, um, bladder malfunctions? (They’re more common than you might think.)

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