#TBT alert: Reebok is selling classic sneakers at retro ’80s prices

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Photo: Instagram/@reebokclassics

If you’ve ever wished you could hop in a time machine and head straight back to the ’80s to snag the retro sneakers you still love, but at a much lower cost, today is your chance. (Via the internet, not a DeLorean, of course.)

In perfect #ThrowbackThurday fashion, Reebok is launching a #TBT Classics flash sale on its website today, from 5 p.m. to midnight, eastern standard time—and it means you can snag some of the brand’s most iconic models at awesomely vintage prices.

By using the promo code “REWIND” with your order, Classic Leather kicks will start at $50 (regularly $75), Club C at $53 (currently $70), Freestyle Hi at $48 (normally $75), and Workout Plus at $50 (usually $80). If only everything cost as the same as it did 30 years ago (*sighs and takes bite of overpriced avocado toast*)…

Ready to shop? These picks are all part of the #TBT sale.

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1. Club C 85 Leather in Grey Gold


Photo: Reebok


2. Club C 85 Canvas in Zee Blue

Photo: Reebok


3. Club C 85 Diamond in Chalk

Photo: Reebok


4. Classic Leather L in Black

Photo: Reebok


5. Club C 85 in White

Photo: Reebok


6. Freestyle Hi FBT in Polish Pink

Photo: Reebok

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