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Photo: Instagram/@sezane

I’m not a cardigan type of girl (more like cardican’t for me). The clothing item conjures memories of my mom dressing me in third grade—and let’s just say I don’t currently display that year’s school picture.

But, French brand Sézane’s revolutionary take on the mainstay garment has me reevaluating my negative position: The design can be worn backward or forward so that it buttons in the front or the back. The versatile piece is also sexy thanks to its off-the-shoulder design and chic French-woman je ne sais quois vibe. The only problem? It has a 30,000-person waiting list.

Yes, you read that correctly. According to Refinery29, the cult-favorite brand has been churning out the Barry Jumper ($120) since September, and even though it’s been restocked multiple times, the demand is high—30K people high. Is it made with a material derived from unicorn tears? Nope. Is it knit with a fabric that will transport you into an instant state of hygge? Almost definitely.

This unassuming piece might be so popular because it’s so functional. Throw it on, front-facing, with a pair of leggings for work (it’s kind of the perfect third piece), or try it backward (and paired with a beret for ultimate French-girl chicness) for your post-workout brunch plans. If this miracle sweater sounds perfect for you, set an alarm for Wednesday at 10 a.m. EST, when the hot ticket is getting restocked. But, fair warning: It’s pretty likely 30,000 other people will be ready to click and buy too.

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