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Skiin smart underwear links to smart-home apps Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@2ndskiin

Underwear is typically fairly inexpensive. Even if you’re buying a super-fancy pair, the purchase likely won’t set you back a steep $70, right? Well, that’s exactly how much a new “smart” undies will cost you. But are the tech-y benefits worth the investment?

Skiin—the brand behind the smart unmentionables—just opened preorder capabilities (the four-pack is $279—at a sale price!) for its products that track your heart rate, body fat, hydration levels, body temperature, and more through six sensors sewn into the fabric.

Skiin is releasing underwear that tracks your heart rate, body fat, hydration levels, body temperature, and *way* more through six sensors sewn into the fabric.

Want more didn’t-know-you-needed-them benefits from your undies? According to Mashable, Skiin is still developing the API software that will allow the duds to integrate with your smart-home products (to adjust the temperature through Nest-type applications based on your body heat) and sync with Spotify (to launch playlists based on your mood). Yes, your panties might be able to read your mood.

So sure, you can buy expensive underwear to control your home and give you health stats, or you could just wear normal underwear, keep using your fitness tracker, and pick your own tunes—and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

Sorry tech world, but I, for one, will be sticking with my analog undies.

Are you wearing the wrong underwear for your workout? Or, maybe just ditch it—this fitness class is conducted in the nude.