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If the pom-pom sneaker trend is a little too Carrie Bradshaw for you, there’s another buzzy style that might be a bit more your speed.

After a perfect storm of street style sightings and high-fashion collaborations—from Urban Outfitters to Opening Ceremony—the Vans Old Skool has officially solidified itself as the cool girl’s go-to throwback kick this spring. (And, dare I say, it may even give the mighty Stan Smith a run for its money?)

“The contrast of feminine and casual is really cool.”

Starting at an affordable $55, the casual canvas shoe with a signature side stripe gives off a totally effortless vibe. (After all, the company got its start with SoCal skaters.) Black and white’s the most popular—and versatile—style, but there are tons of color combos to choose from (think classy neutral leatherpalm print, and even an all-glitter version that sold out within days.) Plus, with both lo- and hi-top styles, there’s really no end to the chic combos you can create.

The trick to wearing the skate park staple like a Brooklynite? According to style influencer Lizbeth Hernandez, the key is eschewing all rules. “I think it’s really fun to pair them with ankle-skimming jeans, but I also like how they look with a flirty dress,” says the fashion Instagrammer and YouTuber. “The contrast of feminine and casual is really cool.”

Therein lies the beauty of the Old Skool: You can rock it from your morning unicorn latte run until p.m. party time. Now that’s sick.

Scroll down to see how Instagram’s fashion set is styling the Vans Old Skool sneaker.

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