8 pairs of warm and cozy leggings for your winter workouts

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While the first official day of winter is December 21, we’re already in the thick of the seasonal chill. And no matter if you’re exercising indoors or heading outside for a run—the weather is what I’d call a problem. So, being the workout warriors we are, it’s super important to find ways to stay warm without compromising sweat seshes.

You can’t just throw on something and head out, after all. Nope, ’tis the season for frigid temps, snow, sleet, freezing rain, you name it. Even if you’re just trekking to a studio for a boutique fitness class, making it there without contracting hypothermia is just as lofty a goal as beating your personal record at spinning.

Luckily, activewear has not only become softer but more functional, too; leggings created with fabrics and cuts designed with warmth and comfort (AKA hygge) in mind are not difficult to find. The eight pairs below are chic and more seasonally appropriate—so get your winter workout on, and tuck away your favorite mesh leggings for spring.

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