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Photo: Under Armour Sport

In some laid-back offices, it’s now okay to rock a simple on-trend sneaker. And for a lucky few, even leggings pass the dress-code test. (Reason #1004 why Well+Good is a great place to work.)

But for lots of young professionals, 9-to-5 attire is all about tailored blazers and patent-leather pumps—with no embroidered bomber jackets in sight.

If you fall into the latter camp, there’s a good chance you regularly daydream about swapping your pencil skirt for a pair of Wunder Unders—and this season, you’re about to get one step closer. That’s because the buzzy new workout shape we’re dubbing the workout trouser is making its way onto racks, blending the comfy vibe of activewear with the structured silhouettes of tailored gear.

“While a slim leg will never go out of style, women are opting for a looser cut to help transition throughout their day.”

While not made for a half-marathon or a powered-up SoulCycle class, they can certainly handle downward dog and 100s in Pilates—not to mention your dash to catch the bus. Plus, some of these performance pants feature technical properties like supreme stretch, wrinkle resistance, and UV blocking. (All good things if you’re commuting on a bike, overheating while waiting for the subway, or trying to fit a week’s worth of business trip outfits in a carry-on.)

“Skinny pants and leggings have held court for years now, and while a slim leg will never go out of style, women are opting for a looser cut to help transition throughout their day,” explains Tamara Hill-Norton, founder and creative director of Sweaty Betty. “Wider-leg trousers accentuate the waist and lengthen the legs—giving such a flattering silhouette. You can throw on a pair for yoga, or simply add in a pair of trainers and an oversized knit for work, brunch, or happy hour.”

If there’s anything your boss will love, it’s definitely a good multitasker.

Scroll down to see nine of this season’s chicest workout trousers—all perfect for the office and the gym.

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Photo: Tory Sport

Tory Sport Side-Striped Tech-Ponte Cropped Flare Pants, $185


Photo: H&M

H&M Slim-Fit Treggings, $17.99


Photo: Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty Unwind Trouser, $145


Photo: Under Armour Sport

Under Armour Sport Women’s Weekender Pant, $159


Photo: Zara

Zara Long Trousers with Side Stripes, $29.90


Photo: Aella

Aella Ankle Skinny, $198


Photo: Athleta

Athleta Destination Wide Leg Pant, $89


Photo: Uniqlo

Uniqlo Heattech High Rise Legging Pants, $39.90


Photo: Carbon38

Carbon38 Masami Pants, $155

On the weekend, these pants can be perfectly paired with your favorite sneakers—blush ones, perhaps? Or edge up your workout attire with these legging-and-leather jacket combos that are perfect for fall.