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StairMaster machines have nothing on Ashley Tisdale’s new favorite class. Rise Nation began growing in popularity a couple years ago, and it’s been taking workouts to new heights ever since.

Started by celeb trainer Jason Walsh, the 30-minute class uses VersaClimbers, a cardio climbing machine that involves the entire body to work your behind and beyond. Between the serious sweating and fun, club-like atmosphere, Hollywood is digging it: Besides Tisdale, everyone from Jennifer Aniston and Alison Brie to Jessica Biel and Emma Stone have been using the machine to stay in shape.

The energy tonight was on another level💪 #RiseNation #WeClimbWeRise #RiseLA (@louipacheco)

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Right now there are only two studios—one in West Hollywood, CA, and another in Cleveland, OH—but a third location is coming to Miami soon.

Until you can access a class nearby, reap some of the same benefits by climbing outdoors: You can score that toned-up physique without spending big bucks by unleashing your inner outdoorswoman and hitting the trails.

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