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When it comes to Drake’s workout routine, more life means more reps. It turns out his trainer and choreographer, Jonny Roxx and Tanisha Scott respectively, (who recently partnered with GapFit to launch the brand’s spring and summer collections) both make the rapper do the same move to get his heart racing: burpees. (Lucky him…)

“A burpee is a full-body workout. It literally embodies everything you have,” Roxx says. “You’re working your legs, core, and arms while getting your heartbeat up all at the same time.” And Scott agrees: “It literally hits every spot you need to hit.”

Scott’s go-to, anywhere workout: Five burpees, hold a plank for one minute, and then repeat one more time.

“One time, I made Drake do 100 burpees in a row,” Roxx says. Fortunately, his typical routine is a little less, um, insane (though still plenty intense): “If you do three or four sets of 10 burpees in the morning before you take a shower and go to work, then you’re starting off the day pretty good,” he says. Or, you can try Scott’s go-to, anywhere workout: Five burpees, hold a plank for one minute, and then repeat one more time.

Jonny Roxx and Tanisha Scott. Photo: GapFit

Of course burpees aren’t all Drake does to keep his body on fleek. “My main goal with him is just overall health,” Roxx says. (Yeah, but those arms tho…) “We work around some aesthetic things because obviously you want a six pack, the arms, and the shoulders, but it all comes down to eating well, mobility, cardio, and getting enough sleep. All the things that will keep him going.”

And of course you know he’s blasting some killer tunes to distract himself from doing triple-digit burpees. Here, Roxx and Scott reveal what’s on rotation.

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