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Photo: Lumity
Photo: Instagram/@helenachristensen

Last week, Helena Christensen let the world in on her wellness secret for feeling fab at any age—she’s 48, BTW. (It’s grounding in water, in case you were curious: “The ocean, a lake, river, or pool,” she says. “I’ll even lie down in a stream if that’s what’s around—or jump into a harbor.”) But it turns out, the supermodel’s healthy advice doesn’t end at earthing.

Christensen also credits a seriously active fitness regimen with keeping her energy high and her body strong and toned. She starts her mornings by sprinting with her pup, Kuma. (Insert catwalker-cum-dog walker joke, here.) And also regularly gets gloved up and steps into the ring like fellow fashion stars Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, and Gigi Hadid. “Boxing challenges your reflexes, your speed, your mind—everything,” she says. “I started about 12 years ago.”

“I’ve never felt more scared and excited at the same time. It’s incredibly hard, like doing vertical ballet.”

But Christensen’s discovered another (healthy) obsession that she credits with keeping her toned from head to toe: pole dancing. She’s documented her hardcore moves on her dreamy Instagram of late, in poses that make it appear truly effortless—and gorgeous. Despite making it look easy, she says, “I’ve never felt more scared and excited at the same time. It’s incredibly hard, like doing vertical ballet.”

From the sound of things, the model’s picked up another little-known piece of wellness intel: A healthy dose of fear might actually improve your workouts.

Two more things that could help maximize your sweat sesh: adding cannabis or this buzzy amino acid to your pre-workout smoothie. Seriously.