This Supermodel’s Wellness Secret Won’t Cost You a Dime

Photo: Instagram/@helenachristiansen
Supermodels are constantly traveling the world, eating at the trendiest hot spots, and working out at the coolest fitness studios…which is why it's so surprising that Helena Christensen's top wellness secret doesn't cost a thing.

In an interview with Charlotte's Book, Christensen revealed that the magic behind looking and feeling great is heading straight to the water whenever she can—and her Instagram proves her stance.

"My biggest wellness passion is being in water, the ocean, a lake, river, or pool," she said. "I’ll even lie down on a stream if that’s what’s around. Or jump into a harbor."

There have been plenty of studies focused on the power of water, so it's no wonder why even a quick dip keeps Christensen's well-being in check. In fact, even just listening to the sound of a stream can help  stave off stress and anxiety. So don't just get your eight glasses a day in—try to spend some time submerged in (or near) it too.

I’ll even lie down on a stream if that’s what’s around. Or jump into a harbor.

Aside from being in the water, Christensen also has a love of making different juices: "[I mix] cucumber, aloe vera, parsley, mint, apple, or pear; they make me feel refreshed and clean," she said. Take one of these healthy cocktails along to the lake for the ultimate supermodel-approved wellness retreat.

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