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This is how Candice Kumai is packing for the Well+Good retreat

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Photo: Instagram/@candicekumai

When you’re a globe-trekking wellness powerhouse like Candice Kumai, you have your travel routine down pat. Because between co-hosting the inaugural Well+Good Retreat (the debut of Matcha Masterclass), speaking at big-time events like South by Southwest, and prepping for a book tour (her next title Kintsugi Wellness drops April 17), you know what you need on the road. Unsurprisingly, there are a few things that are always in rotation: chocolate (to calm the nerves pre-takeoff), Nike high-tops, which pair with leggings and jeans, and matcha, because…of course.

As for the rest of what she’s packing for a week of high-vibe experiences and Le Stretch and Le Sweat classes with Charlee Atkins? The running theme is buying less, but buying better. “When you’re traveling, you have to purchase and pack smarter.” She does that by investing in quality items versus buying trendy counterparts that might unravel mid-down dog. Here, she shares the list of items that always make her list.

What’s in Kumai’s bag for the Well+Good Retreat?

I caught up with Kumai to find out what she was bringing with her. Here are picks and why she says each has earned precious space in her carry-on.

1. James Perse Slub Cotton-Jersey T-shirt

“It’s easy to dress up or down,” she tells me. “You can throw a leather jacket on it, so when you land at your destination you’re ready to go.”

2. Lululemon Full Freedom Sports Bra

“Lulu has the best sports bras across the board,” says Kumai. “It’s for comfort when I’m traveling. Or say you fly in and want to change for a class right away, you’ll already have the bra on, so it’s just really convenient.”

3. Beats by Dre

“Music is everything when traveling, and these are comfy, portable, and can be wireless when you want them to be,” she says. “I listen to music on an old-school iPod Nano when taking off, which helps with noise cancelling.”

4.  Matcha Beauty Powder by Candice Kumai

“Matcha Beauty Powder is easy, on the go—plus, a one stop matcha beauty latte for you, anytime of day, anywhere,” Kumai tells me. “I travel with mine in the air and when I’m all over the map promoting my new book.”

5. Michi Inversion Leggings

“I don’t fly in jeans because why would I?” Kumai jokes. “Leggings are the way to go, and I love these because they’re made with a transparent dark black mesh, so they’re really high quality.” 

6. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

“I blend these into smoothies, matcha lattes, or with frozen fruit and a little bit of almond milk because it makes this whipped consistency that’s so good and tastes like frozen yogurt,” she says. “They’re convenient for girls who want to keep hair, skin, and nails glowing on the go.”

7. See 5372 Sun

“See is known for making custom frames that last a really long time,” Kumai says. “They always get so much attention, too.”

8. Havaianas Luna Sandals

“If you’re going to wear sandals you want to make sure that they don’t break,” she tells me. “These are lightweight, easy-to-carry, and really cute.”

9. Adidas by Stella McCartney Shipshape Mesh Bag

“I like this bag because it’s discrete and you can carry it into a meeting and to the gym,” Kumai says. “It’s versatile!” 

This is how our other co-host Charlee Atkins’ is packing for the retreat and here’s how to make the most out of your carry-on.

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