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Photo: Stocksy/Nikolay Bondarev

Having a dog can give your health a boost, according to science, but if you live in New York City, you know owning one isn’t exactly a walk in the park, so to speak. Having to schlep down five flights of stairs to take Sparky to the park isn’t exactly as easy as your friend in the ‘burbs who just lets hers out in the backyard. And the cost of having a dog walker swing by so you can go straight from work to SoulCycle gets expensive real fast.

Fortunately, there will soon be a new way for NYC dog lovers to get their canine fix with their caffeine: The city’s first-ever dog cafe is opening this December, according to DNA Info.

“It’s basically going to someone’s nice living room with your dog, and it’s adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee.”

“It’s basically going to someone’s nice living room with your dog, and it’s adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee,” says Coppy Holzman, one half of the father-daughter duo opening the cafe. The two are naming their outpost Boris & Horton, after their dogs: a pitbull mix and terrier mix, respectively.

Dog owners will be able to come and grab food while one of the Boris & Horton owners watches their pooch in the other room (um, dream job?), or you can come solo and just soak up the (literal) puppy love. The cafe will also be partnering with a local animal shelter to hold adoption events.

“What we found is, a lot of people like dogs and because of their circumstances can’t have one—so this is a dog-friendly place,” says Holzman. Just be sure to clarify if you ask the barista for a doggie bag.

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