Could This Month’s “Great American Eclipse” Signal Trump’s Downfall?

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The super-rare solar eclipse that's happening August 21 will be the first that's visible throughout the United States in 40 years—which is why it's garnering more buzz than a Beyonce tour (with astronomy super-fans making travel plans to see it).

But when astrologer and author Stefanie Iris Weiss of the Saturn Sisters reads the movements of the sun, moon, and stars, she sees something even more significant: big changes ahead in politics, particularly for the United States (and the current resident of the White House). 

Her findings were an illuminating look at the personalities currently controlling the country—and how this August’s eclipse season could bring them all down.

Weiss recently took a deep (often dark) dive into the natal charts of each member of President Donald Trump’s administration for Vice. Her findings were an illuminating look at the personalities currently controlling the country—and how this August’s eclipse season could bring them all down.

Here, Weiss breaks down why the upcoming eclipse could spell big things for the White House—and what we, as citizens, can do to care for ourselves and stay healthy during this tumultuous time.

Here, in her own words, Weiss explains why the August eclipse will seriously shake up the White House.

The eclipse and the White House

The cosmic shakeup ahead

For astrologers, eclipses tend to have effects on the continents that they fall over. In other words, where you see the eclipse is where astrologers believe the eclipse will have its impact. That’s why it’s being called the Great American Eclipse (astronomers are also using this nickname, but for a slightly different reason). So even before anyone knew what the 2016 election result would be, a lot of people were talking about all the changes that would happen in America because of the eclipse. 

In ancient astrology, eclipses used to pretense something scary, dark, or bad. The act of the sun disappearing from the sky was very, very scary to early culture. So that’s how eclipses got the association with negative, bad things. But modern astrologers see them quite differently; on an individual level, in a person’s natal chart, eclipses aren't necessarily bad at all. They can eclipse things from your life, but these things are typically ones that aren't supposed to be there. 

It may feel uncomfortable to experience an eclipse, but it’s almost always for the betterment of your own karma. It’s like clearing the slate, cleaning things up, helping you to move on and move forward into your best life. 

The solar eclipse the White House

What Leo season means for the President

The other reason this eclipse is significant for the White House is because it’s happening during Leo season. In ancient astrology, Leo eclipses are connected to the fall of kings. It’s very interesting even before you look at Trump’s natal chart. But when you do look at Trump’s chart, it’s just incredible.

To get technical for a minute: This eclipse is at 28 degrees of Leo, the sign of kings. Trump’s ascendant (or rising sign, the place where his chart begins) is at 29 degrees of Leo. So that’s considered an exact match. The eclipse is also just a couple of degrees from his Mars—Mars is the sign of anger, aggression, rage, violence, and power.

So separate from the eclipse, just to understand the personality and energy of Trump, the fact that his Mars is so close to his ascendant explains a lot of what we’ve seen from him: his expressions of rage, his yelling at the TV from behind the scenes, saying violent things about various groups of people. This eclipse is setting off that Mars—that violence, that anger.

The solar eclipse the White House

Is there another way to read the stars?

You could see this eclipse as having the potential to wipe the slate clean from everything everyone has believed about Trump before. Everyone will see him in a new light. It could humble him, and maybe because it’s on his Mars he’ll become less aggressive.

It's possible. It seems remote, but it is possible. Saturn, which is the planet of lessons and one of the planets of karma, will be stationing (meaning ending its retrograde and returning to its regular orbit) on August 31. And exactly at 21 degrees, which is the degree of Trump’s moon and a degree away from opposing his sun. So even if the eclipse weren’t having an effect, that would have a major effect on him. If you put that together with this idea of kings falling off their thrones, it seems fairly significant.

The solar eclipse the White House

It’s time to practice self-care

Even aside from politics, the intensity of the energy this eclipse season is such that we all need to be as conscious as possible, as loving as possible—especially when things seem dark. It’s just important to be in that self-loving, healthy-practices place.

I've always loved the phrase “the personal is political.” It has a deep resonance, initially, with how women’s bodies—and the choices we make regarding them—have become political. But I feel like it’s taking on a whole new meaning now as politics are invading our everyday lives.

It’s making us physically ill and nervous all the time, and people are looking for ways to decompress because it’s so overwhelming. So being loving and protecting our communities is vital now more than ever.

One easy way to take better care of yourself: Try these seriously dreamy bathtime rituals, or take a sound bath—here's one from Sara Auster.

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