This Unexpected Beauty Tool Tames Hair Static in 10 Seconds—And You Definitely Already Own It

Picture this: You spend upwards of 30 minutes meticulously combing, styling, and setting your hair, only for static strays to pop into sight as soon as you step outside and experience a change in humidity, or when you take off your beloved winter hat which, warm as it may be, does not exactly help with good hair days. But knowing that you can’t control the weather (or, rather, the humidity outside), nor can you forego a hat on the most frigid days of the season, you might be wondering what you can do to tackle static.

Fortunately for us, celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend has the ultimate (and easiest) solution—and, chances are, you already have the unexpected tool you need lying around in your bathroom. “When I need to smooth down flyaway hairs around the hairline and part, I spray Dove Extra Hold Hairspray on a natural bristle toothbrush and use it to gently smooth the hair down,” says Townsend. “It’s great for getting rid of those pesky flyaways without losing the volume in the hair, or getting hairspray all over your face and neck!”

If you find that arming yourself with a natural-bristle toothbrush doesn’t seem to cut it for your static-y strands, then you likely have coarser hair. Luckily, hairstylist Ashley Rubell has another static-fighting trick to commit to memory: hand lotion—or, better yet, hair lotion. After massaging your hand lotion into your palms (because your hands need extra TLC during the winter, too), Rubell recommends smoothing the last little bit through any unruly strands. One thing to keep in mind? "Don’t use too much pressure with your application or it can make your roots greasy,” she previously told Well + Good. “Similar to conditioner, you want to focus on your ends and not your roots.”

With these tricks in your arsenal, static will never get in the way of your smooth strands again.

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