Meet the Women’s Health Heroes Who Are Flying Home for Ireland’s Landmark Vote

Photo: Stocksy/RGB Images
Tomorrow might just seem like any other Friday to most—besides, you know, it being the start to an epic three-day weekend. But to women in Ireland, Friday is one of the biggest political moments in decades—when the traditionally Catholic country votes on legalizing abortion. That's why Irish citizens all across the globe are flying #HomeToVote.

Right now, the Eighth Amendment in the Irish constitution outlaws women from getting abortions—the result of a 1983 vote, meaning the only citizens who have been heard on the topic are all 54 years or older.

But there's a new generation that's vocal about women's reproductive rights—many stirred to action by the 2012 death of an Indian woman in Galway who suffered a septic miscarriage and died after doctors refused to terminate her 17-week pregnancy.

To be able to vote in the election, ballots need to be cast in person—and thousands of Irish citizens have hopped on planes in order to do just that.

Meet some of the women's health heroes who are going #HomeToVote.

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