Jessica Chastain Says This Cream Is Her in-Flight Skin Savior

Photo: Instagram/@jessicachastain
If you hop on a flight looking like a glowing goddess and get off with dry, flaky skin and bags under your eyes, you're not alone: Planes have a way of sucking all the moisture out of our skin with ease—damn you, air vents!—but thanks to Jessica Chastain's quick tip, they don't get to win every time.

The actress is constantly flying around the globe for work, yet she always seems to have the most dewy, youthful glow. She's not immune to the harsh air 10,000 feet up, though—she just has a sneaky secret that helps her look just as fresh after her flight as she does before.

"As soon as I get on a plane, I wash my face and put this cream on."

In an interview with People, she shared her beauty must-haves, one of them being Egyptian Magic: "As soon as I get on a plane, I wash my face and put this cream on," she said. But what does the moisturizer—typically sold for under $20—have that products three times its price don't? Well, exactly what its name says.

The no-frills, all-purpose cream claims it is "made with the blessings and guidance" of Eqyptian ancestors. While that's obviously tough to verify, it is definitely made with only six all-natural ingredients (olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis), it's something you can put on sensitive skin worry-free. Because when you're on the road, you have enough to worry about (looking at you, travel-induced relationship drama).

Another thing to try for healthier skin: probiotics (for your face). And if you're dying for more tips, here are some Ayurveda skin-care secrets you need to know.

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