This Damage-Reducing Air Dry Cream Will Help You Break Up With Your Hot Tools Once and For All

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When Jonathan Van Ness announced their haircare line, JVN, it just made sense. Well known for their confidence-boosting hair transformations on Netflix's Queer Eye, Van Ness's products have given us a way to address even the most frustrating parts of hair care at home. And in the case of JVN Complete Air Dry Cream ($24), we can do it without using hot tools.

Meant to help you avoid heat styling in your everyday life, the cream is formulated with chia seed, linseed extract, and moringa seed oil. These ingredients work together to reduce frizziness and lock your style in place when combined. Further, these fatty acid-rich actives give your hair extra nourishment, leaving it shiny and soft to the touch. The most impressive addition to the cream, though, is JVN's patented sugarcane-derived hemisqualane, which is beloved for its ability to reduce damage, prevent breakage, and strengthen all hair types. Because the formula was designed to work with all hair types, it makes it easy to use for styling regardless of your texture, length, or level of damage.

While you can use the cream alongside your blowdryer or iron, it's really meant to help enhance your hair's natural look, which means it's great for days when you want to ditch those damage-inducing hot tools altogether. Eager to give it a go? Read on for Jonathan Van Ness's secrets on how they use this JVN Air Dry Cream to give all hair types a serious zhuzh. 

For naturally straight hair

If you have naturally straight hair, it can be a challenge to get your hair to hold a curl or look voluminous, which means you may frequently be turning to hot tools to get the job done. But instead of reaching for the curling iron, Van Ness recommends using the Air Dry Cream to try the no-heat route. First, allow your hair to dry completely, then "add a bit on your mid-lengths and ends to give some movement and definition to your hair," he says.

If you aren't ready to say goodbye to your hot tools just yet, Van Ness suggests applying a pea-sized drop of the Air Dry Cream to wet hair (you'll want to use a heat protectant, too!). The natural fixatives in the product give your hair the ability to hold blow-dried curls for longer and keep you styled all day long.

If you have natural waves or curls

The first step in styling natural waves or curls is giving your hair the extra nourishment it needs to stay healthy from the inside out. "I like to put Instant Recovery Serum throughout the hair," Van Ness explains, adding that this will work to prime your wet hair and create an even canvas for styling.

Once your hair is dry, you can use the Air Dry Cream to style your curls. You only need a pea-sized drop for thinner hair, but thicker or coarser textures may benefit from using double or triple that amount. "If you're wanting more curl, apply the Air Dry Cream section by section to get more hold," says Van Ness. Simply rub the formula between your hands, and use it to loosely lift and squeeze your curls into shape. If you want a looser look, apply the cream all over and brush it through with a wide-toothed comb.

My hair isn't wavy, curly, or straight - what should I do?

Everyone's hair is different, so completely understandable if your hair falls into some combination of the above categories. In this case, Van Ness recommends embracing your inner stylist and experimenting with the product to find out what works best. "Try air drying or diffusing to see what looks they can create in your hair and how they differ," they say.

For more tips on how to reduce damage in your styling routine, check out the video below. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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