Meet the Super-Buzzy Women Leading the Next Well+Good Retreat in Upstate New York

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For the second-ever Well+Good Retreat at Cedar Lakes Estate, August 5–9, 2018, our editors scouted two rockstars of the wellness scene to lead our retreat: Meet Lauren Bille, Beth Cooke, and our special guest Sophia Roe.

Lauren Bille is shaking up what it means to feel empowered

Lauren Bille is the co-founder of CYCLES + SEX, an initiative to educate and celebrate reproductive health and sexuality, and a former partner at The Big Quiet, a massive meditation movement, who plans to run for public office within the next 10 years. Over the past decade, she’s worked at the Wagner School of Public Policy, the United Nations, and lululemon, building a community at the intersection of wellbeing and justice.

In a word: She’s empowered. Her brave heart and experience in bringing the best out of people and communities are why we chose her to lead workshops, where you’ll discover your inner purpose and learn how to make empowered decisions in your career and relationships.


Beth Cooke will help you find your groove in her yoga classes

Beth Cooke is a New York City-based yoga teacher who was named one of Well+Good’s up-and-coming fitness instructors. When she’s not doling out private lessons to a roster of A-list clients, you can find her teaching at the wildly popular downtown NYC studio Sky Ting Yoga.

Set to killer playlists, Beth’s classes encourage yogis to connect both body and mind, focusing less on what a pose looks like and more on how it feels. She believes that by tapping into what feels good on the mat or in the body, you can also channel that same thinking outside the studio. Close your eyes, let go of whatever is holding you back, and build on your practice with daily 90-minute classes.

Sophia Roe
Photo: Well+Good Creative

Special guest Sophia Roe will teach you how to make stress-reducing and beauty-boosting meals

Our special guest Sophia Roe will be leading easy-to-execute, super-compelling food demonstrations throughout the retreat, touching on how to combat stress and eat for a lit-from-within glow. She's a wildly talented yet relatable chef, wellness expert, and beauty guru, whose tips on nutrition, beauty, and words of personal growth will help you learn how to be kind to yourself, and the world around them.

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