The Most Attractive Rising Sign Traits, According to Astrologers

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While we spend much of our lives defining ourselves by our sun sign (that whole, "sorry I'm late, I'm an Aquarius" yarn), it's your rising sign that people usually deal with. Not only that, but, according to Dana DeFranco, an astrologer and co-host of the podcast Allegedly Astrology, your rising sign can also describe your most attractive traits and even your physical appearance.

What is a rising sign?

Your rising sign, or ascendant, is the public-facing visage you present to the world. It's how people perceive you, particularly before they get to know your true self (ahem, moon sign). To that end, the aura of your rising sign is what initially draws people in. What are the most attractive rising sign traits for each astrological persona?

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We're all capable of very charming first impressions, but let's make sure we have the right information first. If you're not deeply acquainted with your chart, hop over to an online generator like this one and figure out what your rising is. Then, scroll down to find out exactly why people find you so lovable.

Keep in mind that your rising sign is only one factor of your chart that influences physical appearance. DeFranco says other elements such as the ruling planet of your rising sign, what sign the ruling planet is in, and the aspect to the ruling planet also play a role. So if your appearance doesn’t 100 percent match the description, this is why.

The Most Attractive Rising Sign Traits

Aries Rising

An Aries rising arrives in this world as the spark that lights the flame. They just have a natural gift for getting people riled up and ready to act.

"Your energy is far from subtle," says Alexandria Lettman, resident astrologer for The SoulUnity. "People are naturally drawn to you because you have a way of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging others without having to say a word. You are magnetic and you exude confidence, passion, and leadership."

As for their physical appearance, DeFranco notes that because Aries is associated with the head, Aries rising may have an attractive head shape and memorable faces.

In terms of least attractive traits, DeFranco notes Aries rising can be domineering, bossy, and their determination to get results may result in not considering the feelings and desires of others.

Taurus Rising

Imagine Taurus rising as the perfect hostess of an intimate cocktail party. They'll invite you into their luxe-looking home, serve you a cocktail in crystal barware, and have a cranberry walnut baked brie at the ready.

"You have a way of making people feel comfortable and well taken care of," Lettman says. "People are drawn to your dedication and dependability, and stick around for your hidden complexities and inner mystery."

Physically, DeFranco says Taurus rising can have a long, toned neck with smooth skin that others find attractive, and looks great adorned with necklaces. Others, however, may find Taurus rising’s focus on spending money and acquiring material goods unattractive.

Gemini Rising

Gemini rising has a vivaciousness that people can't get enough of. Few people can balance playfulness and a sharp mind the way they can.

"People are attracted to your excitable, lighthearted, and inquisitive nature–you're a fun person to be around," Lettman says. "You have a unique ability to connect with many different people and your energy is contagious."

On the other hand, DeFranco says Gemini rising’s least attractive trait is that they are notoriously commitment-phobic. “When they finally do get into relationships they may resent their partners for limiting their freedom,” she says.

Physically speaking, DeFranco adds that toned arms and well-manicured hands tend to be a Gemini rising’s most attractive physical trait.

Cancer Rising

Cancer rising finds it effortless to open up their heart to someone, and that allows others the rare opportunity to be truly vulnerable.

"You have a natural ability to sympathize with and hold space for others which makes people feel safe with you," says Lettman. "People value your advice and are drawn to your caring, responsible, and intuitive nature." Others may also be drawn to a Cancer rising’s décolletage area (i.e., attractive breasts or well-defined pecs). “Cancer is associated with the chest,” DeFranco says.

Because Cancer is also associated with the moon (aka the celestial body of emotions), DeFranco adds that Cancer rising can also be a bit moody, passive aggressive, and unpredictable—all traits that can be turn offs.

Leo Rising

Leo rising is all about carrying a star presence. When you walk into a room, it's all eyes on you. At first glance it's because of your inner confidence, and upon double-take it's about your willingness to share the wealth.

"You have a natural ability to command attention, even when it’s unwanted, and people are drawn to you because you are a shining beacon of light," says Lettman. "Your generosity and pride are what make you so charming."

While Leo rising can be all sorts of sparkly, the flip side is that their artist and performer archetype can also make them kind of annoying sometimes. “It’s not that they need to be the center of attention all the time, but if they receive an invitation to go somewhere and they know they won’t receive the attention they want or from the person they want, they’re absolutely declining the invitation,” DeFranco says. “I believe the word for this is neediness.”

As for physical attractiveness, Leo is associated with the back and spine, so look for toned backs and notable shoulder blades, DeFranco says. And, she adds, Leos are also known for their enviable, voluminous manes.

Virgo Rising

Virgo has a covert "healer" reputation, partially due to its co-ruler, Chiron, the wounded healer. While the sign is known for their perfectionism, that need (and skill) to fix any problem is actually wildly impressive, when you get down to it.

"There is far more to you than what meets the eye and when people get to know you, they get to see how big and open your heart really is," Lettman says. "At the surface level, people are drawn to your reliable, sociable, and trustworthy nature."

Despite their genuine, good intentions, DeFranco says Virgo rising can be critical of others, which can hurt people’s feelings, making them not-so-attractive in those moments.

Physically, DeFranco says Virgo risings may have attractive stomachs.

Libra Rising 

Someone with a Libra rising appears fair and slow to judge, a perfect ally when you're alone in a crowd and just looking to talk to someone.

"Your charm and diplomacy are radiant, and your ability to consider multiple perspectives makes people feel included and understood," Lettman says. "People are drawn towards your welcoming nature and balance between your head and your heart."

Although Libra is all about balance and harmony, they can struggle with asserting themselves and their needs, which can be unappealing. “Failure to assert themselves not only leaves them without enough, it also prevents them from being vulnerable with others, blocking themselves from that interpersonal intimacy they truly want,” DeFranco says.

And, given that Libra rules the hips and pelvic region, DeFranco adds that Libra risings may have great-looking hips, waists, and butts.

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio rising comes across alluring, and almost feline when it comes to other people. You might only catch glimpses of them throughout the night... but you'll always be on the look out for them.

"You’re great at giving away enough of yourself to entice people and draw them in, yet not enough to still keep up your mysterious persona," says Lettman. "People are attracted to your depth, passion, and accurate, intuitive judgements."

As for their least attractive trait, DeFranco says it can be tricky to pinpoint because they’re so secretive, which can make it challenging to really get to know them. And, it may also make their loved ones worried about what they’re up to.

As for physical looks, Scorpio is associated with the genital region—so, you can use your imagination for this one. “Their stunning gaze matches the fire in their loins,” says DeFranco.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius rising just wants you to chill, and we all need that friend, especially in a time like this. They're surrounded by happy-go-lucky energy that can disarm anyone high-strung.

"It’s your effortlessly expansive outlook and optimism that draws others to you," Lettman says. "Your zeal and love for life are enchanting, and you have a natural ability to help people forget about their worries when they’re around you."

Sagittarius also has a reputation for being honest, DeFranco says, but sometimes they can be a little too honest, which can hurt others.

A Sag rising’s most attractive physical trait, though, is the buttocks. “Sagittarius risings might have ample, toned butts,” DeFranco says.

Capricorn Rising

To wit, Capricorn Rising looks like they have their sh*t together. People are literally in awe of how you're the CEO of your own life (and maybe even everyone else's).

"Your responsible, ambitious and mature nature makes you come across as well put-together, and prepared for anything," says Lettman. "People are naturally attracted to you because you motivate others to hold themselves to high standards as well."

However, a Cap rising’s tendency to work hard can lead to overworking, making them irritable, inaccessible, or emotionally unavailable, DeFranco says. They can also be pessimistic at times.

What makes a Capricorn rising physically attractive is their bone structure and good-looking set of teeth, DeFranco adds.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius rising is an excellent idea person, and a fascinating mind to watch at work. People admire how you're thinking light-years ahead.

"People are attracted to your hopeful and visionary outlook and appreciate the dedication and awareness that you have for group interests," says Lettman. "It’s your strong sense of self and innovative spirit that inspires everyone you meet."

One trait that makes Aquarius rising unattractive is their tendency to judge themselves in comparison to their peers, DeFranco says.

Physically, their long, toned legs are their most attractive feature.

Pisces Rising 

Finally, people love Pisces rising because you show a particular sensitive, gentle nature. They see you as an ethereal, precious being.

"Your glowing outlook on life, imagination, and forgiving nature make everyone around you feel at ease," says Lettman. "People are drawn to you because of your compassion, helpfulness, and ability to brighten anyone’s mood."

Their least attractive trait: “Pisces risings can have a tendency to blame others for the choices they’ve made or, worse yet, deny having made those choices at all,” DeFranco says.

And their most captivating physical trait is likely attractive, well-manicured feet.

So, which is the most attractive rising sign?

While attractiveness is subjective—what one person finds alluring another may not—for funsies, we asked DeFranco if she had to pick the most attractive rising sign, which would it be. “With Venus as the planet of love and attraction, Taurus or Libra would technically be the most attractive rising signs,” she says.

“Venus also rules makeup and adornment, so these signs are likely to put an effort into their appearance in order to attract others.” But again, everyone’s preferences are different, and as you can see above, each rising sign has unique traits that make them enticing.


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