For the first time ever, we’re giving you a peek at the nine superstars-in-the-making who need to be on your wellness radar *right now*. From rising fitness icons to self-care pros, this hand-picked list of dreamers and doers is coming to an Instagram feed near you—and we teamed up with Quest Nutrition to take you inside.

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  2. *These* Are the Staples a Health Coach Stocks to Manage Stress and Stay Fueled

  3. Steal This Boxer's Quickie Circuit Workout ASAP

  4. The Holistic Health Coach Who’s Proving You Can Be a Mom *and* Prioritize Self Care

  5. The Boxing Advocate Empowering Followers to Squash Self-Doubt

  6. 4 Tips for Staying Focused and Bringing Wellness Into Your Workspace

  7. Remi Ishikuza: the Wellness Queen

  8. Jenné Claiborne: the Soulful Chef

  9. Lee Tilghman: the Self-Love Leader

  10. Kait Hurley: the Movement Pro

  11. Jessamyn Stanley: the Yoga Activist

  12. Alison Wu: the High-Vibe Foodie