This 25-Minute Sweat Sesh Fires up Every Muscle in Your Lower Body Without Any Equipment

Lower body workouts get boring and fast. I mean, how many squats can you do before your body is just kind of like... please, stop? That's why this lower body workout without any equipment is so great. In the latest episode of Good Moves, Charlee Atkins keeps things interesting by mixing up a variety of different exercises, on and off the mat, that require nothing but your own bodyweight.

After a warm-up that involves hip circles, marches, and butt kicks, you'll start doing the actual no-equipment lower body workout. While it's made up of exercises you've probably done before, Atkins says they're all all-stars for strengthening your lower body. In the first set, you're doing reverse lunges, lateral squats, single-leg glute brides, and leg raises. Then after completing two rounds, you'll move onto set two: leg lowers, curtsy lunges, mountain climbers, and hip raises.

The varied mix of exercises—both standing and mat—doesn't just keep things interesting. Going from lunges to glute bridges, for instance, also makes you feel like you're getting a bit of a break... even though, trust me, you're not. By the time you're finished with the entire workout, you'll be sweating from head to toe—and your legs and booty will be on fireGrab your mat and try the no-equipment lower body workout for yourself by pressing play on the video above.

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