5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes Prince Harry Has Made Ahead of the Royal Wedding

Photo: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal

The royal wedding is only 52 days away—but who's counting?—and Meghan Markle isn't the only one who's living the healthy life ahead of the big day. According to Vogue, her hubby-to-be, Prince Harry, has made some strides to steer clear of the night-owl party boy he once was.

Considering Markle's interest in a balanced lifestyle and exercising on the reg (hello, super-intense Megaformer classes!), there's a good chance she's been a healthy influence on Harry. Thanks to making some wholesome food swaps, getting back to the gym, and prioritizing his health, this prince seems to be working to get in his best shape ever for May 19—and hopefully he sticks to the habits long after the couple says "I do" and celebrates with (healthy-ish) cake.

Check out the 5 healthy lifestyle changes Prince Harry has reportedly made before the royal wedding.

1. He traded junk food for veggies

When the duo moved in together, the first thing to go was Prince Harry's junk-food stash. After cleaning out his cabinets, Markle stocked the home with plenty of fresh vegetables from Whole Foods. (See? She really is just like us.)

2. He makes homemade meals

With all that fresh produce on hand, making homemade meals together has reportedly become one of the couple's favorite pastimes. Now here's to hoping they share some of their go-to recipes soon. Or bet yet, a whole cookbook of 'em.

3. He cut out dairy

To get optimally healthy, Prince Harry has been evidently working with Gabriela Peacock, a London-based nutritionist. And one of the first things she cut out of his diet? Bacon. Instead of eating his former greasy breakfast staple, he's been sticking to a high-protein, low-sugar, and completely dairy-free diet.

4. He took his workouts up a notch

Like Markle, Harry has been keeping up with a regular workout schedule, even joining her at KX studio in London, which offers everything from spinning and boxing to Pilates.

5. He quit smoking

Harry's not-so-secret love of Marlboro Lights is now allegedly a thing of the past. Not only has Markle encouraged him to cut smoking out of his life, but the duo isn't drinking a lot of alcohol either at this point to help ensure they feel their absolute best on their big day.

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