PSA: Yoga and Crossfit Can Improve Your Sex Life

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It's science, exercise = love. (Photo: study shows singles who exercise have more sex
It's science, exercise = more sex. (Photo:

You make your WOD a can't-miss appointment in your calendar for your body and your sanity...and if it happens to amp up your sex life, too, well, that's just a different kind of personal best.

Turns out, that's exactly what's happening. According to's just-released Fifth Annual Singles in America Study, 33 percent of singles who exercised more than twice a week had sex at least monthly in 2014, compared to only 20 percent of singles who rarely or never exercised. The study of over 5,000 U.S. singles was commissioned by's chief scientific advisor, Dr. Helen Fisher.

The research also found that single CrossFitters have the most sex of any exercisers—45 percent had sex at least monthly in 2014. Plus, they go on more dates—55 percent went on at least one in 2014. We'll just assume there was also a spike in Paleo restaurant reservations, then.

And while it's already been proven that meditation can give your sex life a boost, it turns out that yoga leads to a lot of hanky panky, too. The study found that single men who do yoga have more sexual partners than those who do any other workout: yogi men, ages 20 to 50, had an average of 17 partners in their lifetimes.

Considering all the guys who've been on a recent vinyasa kick, you can consider skipping the bar on Saturday night—your Sunday morning yoga class just might do more for your sex life. —Molly Gallagher

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