Exclusive: Never Stand in Line for the Shower Again, Thanks to This New Fit-Girl Beauty Line


Now that you know it's counterproductive to work out on too-little sleep, you may try to squeeze your sweat sessions into different pockets of your schedule. A mid-day ride, flow, or jog (ideally with a TV strapped to your trainer's back so that you can simultaneously binge watch your favorite flicks) can work wonders for your energy, but it can also cause unnecessary stress when it comes to tidying up and getting on with your day. Because if you only have an hour to spare, who wants to spend 30 of it in line for the shower?

Jackie Stauffer, founder of the brand-new clean beauty brand RECESS feels you. While doing her whole boss-babe thing in the marketing department at Equinox, she'd use her lunch hour to exercise. But the entire time she was sweating it out, she'd also be sweating the process of getting back to her desk looking pulled together. "I'd find myself standing in a shower line of 20 women, half-naked with my Blackberry and a handful of toiletries," she says. "I thought, 'There's got to be a better way.'"

If there wasn't then, there is now: RECESS (which drops on May 9) includes three unisex, grab-and-go products—cleansing wipes, deodorant wipes, and hair-blotting sheets—which, when taken together, basically equate to a full-on shower. Each is thoughtfully designed with clean, active ingredients, and they're biodegradable to boot. "RECESS is something that means something different to everybody," Stauffer says. "Our goal was to get back to enjoying the timeout in the day and finding more balance."

Keep scrolling to find out more about the wipes for face, body, and hair.

Recess beauty bag

Face 101 Cleansing Wipes

That dried-out, stinging sensation that strikes post-cleanse was top of mind when Stauffer was formulating the face-cleansing wipes. She tapped moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, soothers such as aloe, and redness-reducing caffeine. "We say the face wipe is really like a facial on a wipe because it does so many different things," she says.

Body 101 Deodorant Wipes

Meanwhile, after hearing stories from her Los Angeles friends about the melted deodorant in their cars (guilty!), Stauffer wanted to create an aluminum-free wipe that could enable those refreshing moments minus the mess. Instead, the deodorant taps tea tree oil, which is a natural astringent to help deal with sweat and odor.

Hair 101 Hair Blotters

As for the hair blotting papers, Stauffer says that its main ingredient—charcoal—is a natural detoxifier which will also deodorize with just a quick rub along the hairline and through the part. She bills it as a healthier dry shampoo, and with a few pats, you've got cleaner strands. Best yet? Without cans and bottles galore, you've got more space in your gym bag.

Still not sure how to tell if a product is *actually* clean? Luckily, label transparency is trending. Green your beauty cabinet now with these easy tips.

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