How to Achieve Rihanna’s Fierce “Hair-Sprayed” Eyebrows for Less Than $4

Artwork: Well+Good Creative
If celebs have proven anything over the past month, it's that having seriously enviable eyebrows doesn't have to come with a high price tag: Jenna Dewan recently revealed her drugstore hack for voluminous brows, and now, Rihanna's makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, shared a must-know trick for leveling up your brow game. The best part? The simple hack requires just a spoolie brush and a bar of soap.

In a recent interview with Harper's BazaarOno reveals the technique she uses on the pop idol is called "soap brow," and it's kind of like hair spray for your eyebrows. “It’s an old makeup artist trick," she says, adding that the resulting look rocks the "editorial" vibe (AKA brushed upward) that everyone—including actress Helen Mirren and beauty blogger Huda Kattan—seems to be striving for these days.

Simply swipe the spoolie over the bar of soap and comb it through your waiting brows.

To add the technique to your routine, first go through your usual tweezing and coloring routine. Then grab a spoolie brush and a bar of soap (natural options like this one are available for less than $4), swipe the spoolie over the bar of soap, and comb it through your waiting brows—"this really makes them stick,” Ono contends. For the final touches to complete your high-fashion look, apply a white cat eye and a pop of highlighter in an unexpected spot.

Now that you're reppin' a Rihanna-inspired look, you can dance with your gal pals all night long without fear of messing up your (totally fierce) eyebrows. The only thought that'll be on your mind: Where have you been all my life, bar soap and spoolie?

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