Sweet Potatoes Are the Missing Ingredient Your S’mores Night Needs

s'more sweet potato
Photo: Race Point Publishing
Sometimes, two epically delicious foods are best kept separate. (Exhibit A: guacamole and brownies.) But other times, the two collide to form a new, next-level-amazing food that leaves your taste buds begging for more. Sweet potatoes and s'mores is one of those combos.

Zest My Lemon's Marlena Kur has her mother-in-law to thank for sparking the idea for a s'mores-stuffed sweet potato recipe, which she includes in her new book, Stuffed! "I thought about how she used marshmallows in her sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving and how much my kids enjoyed it," Kur says. "The sweet and savory combination of the melty marshmallow, crumbly graham crackers, and rich chocolate has summer and fall flavors in one."

One pro tip from Kur before you start: "Microwave the sweet potato for quicker cooking and use a torch to toast the marshmallow instead of broiler."

With that in mind,keep reading for the full recipe and to watch a short video to see how easy they are to make.

S'more-stuffed sweet potatoes


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