Getting Your Daily Dose of Collagen Is As Easy As Sipping Your H2o

Photo: Vital Proteins
Sipping on collagen has long seemed like the easiest ever way to get glowing skin, shiny hair, and a happy gut (I mean, all you really have to do is drink it), and thanks to Vital Proteins latest launch, it's about to get even easier.

The brand, who is known for their celeb-favorite collagen supplement, recently revealed that they would be launching a line of collagen waters this spring. Unlike their powder, which you need to scoop into a drink of your choice, the new drinks come ready-made, so you can throw them in your bag and get your glow on wherever you go.

They come in five flavors—Original, Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Mint, Lemon Ginger, and Blackberry Hibiscus— and include 10g of Collagen, and less than 3g of sugar made from real fruit. There's no added sugar, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or additives, so you know you're really getting something good every time you sip.

Really, the only difference between the new waters and the powder we all know and love is the convenience factor.  "Both products offer the exact same benefits: hair, skin, nail, bone and joint support. Also, gut health!" says Jenn Randazzo, MS, RD, CLT and Senior National Training Manager at Vital Proteins. "While powders can be great options at home or in the office, our line of Collagen Waters offers more of that grab-and-go convenience you can enjoy on the fly." 

The waters are meant to be enjoyed by anyone looking to up their collagen intake, and Randazzo suggests integrating them into your day the same way you would any other functional beverage or collagen drink. "Personally, I love sipping it post-workout to feel refreshed and rehydrated," he says. 

While the collection doesn't officially launch until the first week of March, you can order a sample 4-pack for free (aside from the $5.95 shipping value, plus tax) on Happy skin-tastic sipping!

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