AirPods Pro Literally Never Go on Sale—And They’re 20% Off Today

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Meteor showers and Balsamic moons are rare interstellar events, no doubt—but here on planet Earth, there are few events more extraordinary than a fan-favorite Apple product going on sale. Today, you can snag a pair of the Apple AirPods Pro on sale for $199 (20 percent off the retail price of $250) with the built-in noise-canceling features that have spawned thousands of five-star reviews.

You can shop the sale price for the AirPods Pro at Staples and Amazon starting right now—and save that $50 for something else you love. And meanwhile, you'll still get the buds with over 24-hour battery life that earned our noise-cancellation seal of approval and the award for one of the best running headphones money can buy. Oh, and as a quarantine bonus, those long, ambling phone walks you take to catch up with people you love will be more seamless than ever.

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Shop now: Apple AirPods Pro, $199

However, before you go ahead and add those items to your cart, you may just want to note that previous Apple sales like this one have foreshadowed brand-new gear in the pipeline. While Apple didn't announce a new pair of pods at Wednesday's big online streaming event in honor of the Apple Watch Series 6, it's possible a new pair of AirPods could be on their way down the pipeline. So that's all food for thought if you're someone who likes to own the latest-and-greatest version of all Apple products.

Whatever option you choose, believe me when I tell you that you can't go wrong. The Pros have been my right-hand man for many long runs, work calls, and dance parties—and I can honestly say: They're worth every dollar of the $250 (and you're getting them for $199). Just make sure you also invest in this $6 tiny tool that will help you clean those AirPods in a big way. After all, you want to treat your new gadget right.

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