The Coolest—and Healthiest—New York City Cafés to Warm up in This Fall

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While boot camp with your besties makes for great bonding, catching up over a steaming cup of tea is highly underrated—especially when the temperature drops.

And who can deny that New York City is full of awesome, healthy places to hide out? Sure, the five boroughs are full of cafés slinging doughy pastries and sugary treats, but there are also plenty of hangouts that have tons of nutritious goodness on the menu. Think turmeric-spiked golden lattes, cashew milk macchiatos, and beet purée bone broth, for starters.

Before you start planning your fall social calendar, be sure to consult this list of the coolest wellness-focused cafés in New York right now. From the blogger-approved hotspot known for its exotic nut milks to Gigi Hadid's favorite matcha destination, there's something for every palate (including yours, year-round green juice lovers).

Keep reading for the 8 buzziest, healthy New York City cafés to check out this fall.

J+B Design Cafe
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J+B Design and Cafe

This Park Slope café dropped the mic earlier this fall when banana milk coffee appeared on the menu. Made by blending milk—yes, you can request almond milk—and banana, it adds a creaminess to coffee that's slightly sweet, but isn't overwhelmingly fruity. (Also on the menu: rich Japanese teas, tea lattes, and hot ginger lemon.) The cafe serves as a shop for Japanese art, clothes, jewelry, and decor as well—so don't be surprised if you leave with more than a cup of joe.

J+B Design and Cafe, 300 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11215, 347-987-3217, 

Cafe Integral
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Cafe Integral

Even the folks behind the bar are obsessed with this Soho café—seriously, it's been on the cover of Barista magazine—which is a blogger hotspot thanks to its impressively adventurous menu and chic interior. (What is it about raw wood and marble that makes me want to whip out my iPhone?) Besides plant-based standbys like almond and coconut milk, Cafe Integral also boasts tigernut milk, cashew-pepita milk, and house-made golden milk, shaken with turmeric root, almonds, coconut, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper. No judgement if you order one of each.

Cafe Integral, 135 Grand St., New York, NY, 10013, 646-801-5747,

Cha Cha Matcha
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Cha Cha Matcha

You might have to wait in line to get inside this cozy SoHo matcha spot, but odds are you'll bump into a Victoria's Secret model on your way in—Gigi Hadid, Taylor Hill, and Jasmine Tookes are all fans. During the summer, Cha Cha's most popular offering was definitely the matcha lemonade, but now that the air is a bit crisper, the coconut matcha latte is taking the top spot. Even with the thick coconut milk, the tea is a deep green—a sure sign you're getting quality matcha. It will be worth the wait, I promise.

Cha Cha Matcha, 373 Broome St., New York, NY, 10013, 646-895-9484,

Foxy Greens
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Foxy Greens

Even if you're firmly in the smoothie camp and not the "But first, coffee" cult, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the seasonal beverage fun—this new South Williamsburg juice joint (which opened this past July) is celebrating fall with Purple Haze, a beet, carrot, apple, and ginger concoction. (Who needs pumpkin spice, anyway?) The other juices and smoothies have musical names too, including the stand-out Gettin’ Figgy With It, made with figs, banana, nut milk, cashews, hemp, flaxseed, cinnamon, and Himalayan sea salt.

Foxy Greens, 181 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, 646-405-6373,

Latin Beet Kitchen
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Latin Beet Kitchen

You may come for the healthy Latin American-inspired food at this new Flatiron joint, but you'll stay for the lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos blended with housemade almond and cashew milks. The owners are from Colombia, so you know they take coffee seriously. And for brunchtime sipping, try Latin Beet Kitchen's spiked latte—in addition to espresso, cashew milk, and dates, there's also pisco and cacao liquor there to enhance your buzz.

Latin Beet Kitchen, 43 W. 24th St., New York, NY, 10010, 212-929-1200,

Springbone Kitchen
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Springbone Kitchen

Not everyone with a paper cup in hand is drinking coffee—some are sipping on bone broth. Good any time, but especially when your immune system needs a boost, Springbone Kitchen offers up a whole menu of organic, free range recipes. Go for the Liquid Gold (chicken broth with organic milk and turmeric), Purple Heart (chicken broth with carrot and beet purée), and Bloody Bull (a beef broth spin on the Bloody May), or try one of Springbone's vegetarian options.

Springbone Kitchen, 90 W. 3rd St., New York, NY, 10012, 917-301-8263,

Bluestone Lane
Photo: Facebook/Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane

If you can't book a ticket to the other side of the world, get a little taste of Australia at this cafe with four locations in the West Village, Upper East Side, and Dumbo. (Heads up: Expect a 20-minute wait if you go on the weekend.) While the food deserves its own praise—the coconut quinoa porridge is literally served in a papaya boat with edible flowers on top—the pressed juices and coffees take center stage. Spring for a golden latte and consider your day powered.

Bluestone Lane, 55 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY, 10014, 646-368-1988; 30 Carmine St., New York, NY, 10014, 212-627-2763; 2 E. 90th St., New York, NY, 10128, 646-869-7812; 55 Prospect St., Brooklyn, NY, 11201, 347-202-0352;

Supercrown Coffee Roasters
Photo: Facebook/Supercrown Coffee Roasters

Supercrown Coffee Roasters

If you're really into coffee, you can subscribe to Supercrown's specialty service, gifting yourself with a new bag of beans from a different coffee-rich region of the world each time. Just looking for somewhere to hang out? Gorilla Coffee founder Darleen Scherer's latest venture, located in Bushwick, offers up turmeric tonics and yunnan purple tea.

Supercrown Coffee Roasters, 8 Wilson Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11237, 347-295-3161,

First, coffee. But now, where to eat? These are the trendiest, healthiest restaurants in New York City right now. If you're a truly cutting-edge sipper, you might want to try blue algae lattes next.

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