4 Celebs Who Swear by the Soothing Benefits of Meditation

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Meditation has quickly become mindfulness practice that many of us participate in, whether it's in meditation booths, at meditation studiosinside a Lululemon, or literally anywhere with cell service.

Aside from being an obvious soothing way to start a productive day or put a stressful one to bed, the practice offers the added benefits of keeping the brain youngde-stressing your mind and alleviating chronic pain.

Bonus: Many of your favorite celebs are totally onboard. Check out which starry personalities find their Zen in this ancient exercise.

Check out 4 celebs who love meditating—and why.

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Connie Britton

Starting your day with a good om can make all the difference, Britton points out (and you wouldn't dare disagree with Tami Taylor, right?). The actress says, "If I get up early and meditation is in the cards, then I love it." The Nashville star has been meditating for quite a while and now leads her sessions are self-guided. "I think the apps are amazing—but I can sort of get into the zone on my own."

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Olivia Culpo

Culpo knows that sometimes your Zen comes in different forms. The influencer shares that though she does prioritize meditating, "getting in a workout has the same kind of Zen effects on my mood, so I don’t stress it too much if it doesn’t happen."

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Anna Camp

Camp's practice is an integral part of feeling close to her father, who introduced her to meditation and helps her with de-stressing techniques. Meditation is "a nice little bonding thing we have," Camp said. "It’s just sweet to know he’s doing it too—he lives across the country from me, and it’s nice to feel connected in a way.""

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Kristin Cavallari

Cavallari got real about the difference between meditating and wanting to meditate saying, "I wish I could say I wake up and meditate." Though she tries to find time to practice at night after putting her kids to bed, Cavallari says she'd like to do meditate more. "I wish I did it more than I actually do—It’s on my list of things to get better at," she continued.

Just like so many important things in life, meditation's so much more about the journey than the destination.

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